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  • n. A trigonocephalic skull or person.
  • n. A genus of venomous serpents, of the family Crotalidæ: used with various applications. See Ancistrodon, Craspedocephalus, Toxicophis, copperhead, fer-de-lance, and moccasin.


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  • The hideous _trigonocephalus_ has forced the introduction and acclimation of the mongoose to the cane fields of the Western tropics; the tiger snake (_Heplocephalus curtus_) is the terror of Australian plains; the fer de lance (_Craspedocephalus lanceolatus_) renders the paradise of

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 421, January 26, 1884

  • One snake, a _trigonocephalus_, has in some respects the structure of a viper with the habits of a rattlesnake.

    The World's Greatest Books — Volume 19 — Travel and Adventure

  • Bitaco: the darknesses that creep stealthily along the path have no frightful signification for him, -- do not appeal to his imagination; -- if he suddenly starts and stops and stares, it is not because of such shapes, but because he has perceived two specks of orange light, and is not yet sure whether they are only fire-flies, or the eyes of a trigonocephalus.

    Two Years in the French West Indies

  • The Jardin des Plantes is not absolutely secure from visits of the serpent; for the trigonocephalus goes everywhere, -- mounting to the very summits of the cocoa-palms, swimming rivers, ascending walls, hiding in thatched roofs, breeding in bagasse heaps.

    Two Years in the French West Indies

  • My own experiences do not justify my taking part in such a conversation; -- I never saw alive but two very small specimens of the trigonocephalus.

    Two Years in the French West Indies

  • St, Pierre, who in ten years lost three relatives by the trigonocephalus, -- the wound having in each case been received in the neighborhood of a vein.

    Two Years in the French West Indies

  • (I have known a trigonocephalus to do the same thing in a country-house).

    Two Years in the French West Indies

  • Fortrex trigonocephalus, which were venomous enough.

    Sketches of Our Life at Sarawak


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