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  • adj. Using three points of vision, such as a microscope with two standard eyepieces and one camera eyepiece, or a camera rig with three cameras


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By analogy with binocular.


  • Each eye in effect has trinocular vision and depth perception.

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  • Each eye possesses trinocular vision and can see into the ultraviolet spectrum.

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  • Shots were taken at 300dpi resolution through some sort of Nikon trinocular microscope.

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  • Each mantis shrimp eye has trinocular vision allowing them to operate independently.

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  • Much more on mantis shrimps at The Lurker's Guide to Stomatopods, which describes its other special features such as rolling like a wheel and having sophisticated trinocular vision with 10 types of receptor for detecting colour and polarisation.

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  • Monocular, dual-head, binocular, and trinocular head styles (images courtesy National Optical & Scientific Instruments, Inc.)

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  • A trinocular head provides two eyepieces for binocular viewing and a separate single eyepiece for viewing by a second person or for mounting a camera.

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  • Each eye can move independently and can focus on object with three different areas, giving the mantis shrimp "trinocular vision".

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  • The zoom body is equipped with a built-in trinocular camera port and 0. 55x C-mount adapter which permits direct mounting of any Nikon DS Series Digital Camera and simplifies the process of observation and image capture with a monitor.

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  • The compound trinocular microscope have the following features; large, extremely stable,

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