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  • n. A hooligan, lout.


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Short for troglodyte.


  • I must admit though, I, personally would rather be single than have to be seen with a fat, low, rent, 'trog'

    Central Western Daily

  • * quick author name search (so you can throw in, say, 'trog' to find everything I've written about 'quake' for example) * search subject only or subject / body

    AusGamers :: News

  • Sounds like Splice may have fallen prey to some silk-suited trog grumbling "We need an action sequence to finish this baby out!"

    " watch you shake and shout it out..."

  • Yes | No | Report from First trog wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

    Two Cases Where Bigger Isn't Better

  • Am I to fear that some right-wing trog might have completely evaded reference to this non-story amidst the likely sources of disinformation he/she accesses, but just HAPPENED to come upon it, reading reference to it in the comments section of a progressive blog?

    New Obama Ad Sketches His American Story

  • He'll have to answer for every trog preacher in the Republican pantheon, and god knows there's a lot of em.

    Obama: "I'm Not Vetting My Pastor"

  • The spectre of a "co-presidency" will be the new rallying cry for the trog base and shined up and hung around her neck.

    Hillary Tells Bill O'Reilly That Wright's Statements Were "Offensive And Outrageous"

  • My first story was called "Salvage Rites" about an ex-ranger named Neely who has to rescue a couple from trog raiders, a race that is on the verge of an evolutionary jump.

    Space Westerns II

  • She did not have to share her dressing room with the trog.

    Not the Girl Next Door

  • She got my sympathy right out of the gate as a child with that wretched aunt and that knuckle dragging trog of a boy cousin.

    A Midsummer


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