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  • n. A particular anticholinergic used as a mydriatic to permit better examination of the eye.


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  • Also, many eye docs use tropicamide drops instead.

    A Lesson on Acetylcholine From a Simple Eye Exam

  • There's bendroflumethiazide and also cyclophosphamide, And metoclopramide, acetazolamide, tropicamide Loperamide, amiloride and cyclizine and frusemide, And if you're up the duff then you'd best avoid thalidomide. - Articles related to Freedom to set prices key for UK drugs industry

  • Acute angle closure glaucoma due to pupillary block, treatable by peripheral iridotomy, can be caused by adrenergic agents, either locally (phenylephrine drops, nasal ephedrine, or nebulized salbutamol) or systemically (epinephrine for anaphylactic shock), drugs with anticholinergic effects including tropicamide and atropine drops, tri and tetracyclic antidepressants, and cholinergic agents like pilocarpine.

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  • After pupil dilatation with 1\% tropicamide, 1. 5\% cyclopentolate, each mouse was placed in front of a Ganzfeld bowl (UTAS3000;

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