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  • n. Plural form of tropicbird.


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  • The tropicbirds were a particular thrill since only six are recorded in the annals of New York birding, according to "Bull's Birds of New York State."

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  • There are large populations of such water birds as terns, tropicbirds, boobies, shearwaters, and petrels.

    Hawaiian Islands Province (Bailey)

  • The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands have productive, food-rich waters that make it a major foraging area for thousands of seabirds such as albatross, terns, boobies, shearwaters, petrels, tropicbirds, and other offshore species.

    Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve

  • Even the smallest, uninhabitable islands are significant as breeding sites for large numbers of seabirds such as frigatebirds, tropicbirds, boobies, terns, and smaller species.

    Banda Sea Islands moist deciduous forests

  • Finally, there might be a hitherto overlooked metavian clade at the base of Neoaves: it includes such strange bedfellows as nightjars and other nightbirds, swifts and hummingbirds, kagus, pigeons, sandgrouse, flamingos and grebes, mesites, hoatzins and tropicbirds.

    Goodbye, my giant predatory, cursorial, flightless hoatzin

  • As recently shown by Gerald Mayr (2003) however, the morphological evidence best supports a position for the Shoebill close to Steganopodes, the clade that includes frigate birds, pelicans, gannets, cormorants and anhingas (traditional Pelecaniformes is not monophyletic as tropicbirds are apparently closer to procellariiforms than they are to members of Steganopodes).

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  • ON THE CAUTERIZED nub called Rakata, formerly Krakatau, sea birds must have been among the first visitors: shearwaters and petrels, pelicans and boobies, tropicbirds, frigate birds, terns and noddies.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Though it appeared to be dusty and barren at first sight, the craters with which the surface was pocked were full of dazzling white-tailed tropicbirds, brilliant Telfair's skinks and Guenther's geckos.

    Last Chance to See

  • On the Hudson River, there were reports of two white-tailed tropicbirds, which are white with black markings and a distinctive, long tail feather.

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  • Among the most dramatic and extraordinarily rare finds were a half dozen white-tailed tropicbirds - residents, as their name would suggest, of the tropics.

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