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  • adj. Resembling a trumpet or its sound.


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trumpet +‎ -like


  • He snorted once, and without even saying hello asked in a trumpetlike, gravelly voice, “Anyone here got a wrench?”

    Full Frontal Nudity

  • For forty minutes he spoke, the great bald dome of his head gleaming with sweat, the trumpetlike sonorities of his broad vowels filling the room.


  • In the center of everything, a huddled crowd of trumpetlike flowers poked out of a ceramic pot, undoubtedly from Christian.

    Sea Escape

  • A.D. (3 stars) Andreas Scholl, 'Heroes' (Decca) The German countertenor lends his sweet, trumpetlike voice to arias by Handel, Gluck, Mozart and Hasse.

    Critical Moment: Reviews

  • I flipped through the illustrations—vivid and detailed renderings of shrubs and small trees, all sporting broad leaves, drooping, trumpetlike white or yellow flowers, and large, smooth, podlike fruit—and jumped into Chapter Three.

    Over the Edge

  • The whooping crane is a very large and very regal white bird with long black legs, a sinuous neck and a thrilling trumpetlike voice.

    Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

  • Hastily rallying about three hundred of his bravest followers, conspicuous among whom towered the gigantic bulk of Black Thunder, and inspiring them to heroism by his own example, again was Tecumseh pressing impetuously forward, his tomahawk brandished aloft and his trumpetlike voice still ringing high and clear above the rude uproar; nor paused he till with terrible energy he had hewn his way into the thick of the enemy's ranks.


  • When that name "Tarascon" sounds trumpetlike along the track of the

    Tartarin On The Alps

  • Nine inches tall and shaped like a squat bowling pin, iZ has big wide eyes, trumpetlike ears, three legs with disk-shaped feet (it can balance on any one of them, appearing to be in mid-sproing), and -- maybe most significantly -- a line-in jack for an iPod or other music player.

    Chicago Reader

  • Instruments include the rich-toned lirone (a 12-string gamba, played like a cello, that produces multi-string chords), recorders, guitars, harpsichord, theorbos (long-necked lutes) and cornett (a curved, wooden wind instrument not to be confused with the trumpetlike cornet).

    Today in Oregon: The Oregonian


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