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  • n. Plural form of trunnion.


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  • That we may be understood, we will add that the trunnions are the short round pieces of iron, or brass, projecting from the sides of the cannon, and their relative position can be easily ascertained by a glance at the gun occupying the foreground of the

    The Illustrated London Reading Book

  • These projecting shanks served as "trunnions" (that is, pivots) for the mirror to turn on when it was mounted in place.

    The Scientific American Boy The Camp at Willow Clump Island

  • The point loads of trunnions result in a major increase in structural loads on the payload to spread those into a shell structure.

    Shuttle-C - NASA Watch

  • These are all except a very few breech loading gun barrels and the drawings are what may be thought of as “from the trunnions up” as they deal with only barrels and breech mechanisms; apart from some tools.

    Royal Artillery Library - article by John Day

  • There was some justification for Kim - he had kicked Lala Dinanath's boy off the trunnions - since the English held the Punjab and Kim was English.

    Less a Review, and More a Thank You

  • In order to obviate this danger, and to render it possible to force the charge, it may become necessary to return to the process of the fourteenth century, hooping, and to encircle the piece on the outside with a series of unwelded steel bands, from the breech to the trunnions.

    Les Miserables

  • The Shooter's Choice grease that comes in a syringe ($5.56; 440-834-8888; shooters-choice. com) is perfect for the trunnions or hinge pins of break-open guns.

    How to Trash a Shotgun

  • My balderdash quite disconcerted him, and by good luck the great wagon suddenly lost a wheel, we had to leap clear for our lives, and Sevastopol finished up to its trunnions in mud.

    Flashman on the March

  • The guns 'teams of oxen and horses were being led back into the shelter of the oaks while squads of gunners hoisted the hugely heavy cannon barrels out of their rear travelling trunnion holes and moved them into the forward fighting holes where other men used hammers to fasten the capsquares over the newly placed trunnions.

    Sharpe's Battle

  • Now he knew that the gun mantlet had been sprung from its trunnions and that the end was near for them.

    Panzer Aces


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