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  • n. One who, or that which, trusses.

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  • n. Specifically, a machine for binding or trussing together the staves of a keg or barrel and giving to the latter its bulging form and to the former the deformation which shall keep the hoops tight in place.
  • n. One who or that which trusses.


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truss +‎ -er


  • Michael Henchard, a hay-trusser, gets drunk at a fair and sells his wife and child for five guineas to a sailor, Newson.

    FallNews - they grease the roads! *truckers' pin-up edition*

  • At the far end of the thresher, away from the traction-engine, the fumbling lips of the shakers, mouthing in and out beneath their little penthouse, pushed out the beaten straw into the maw of an automatic trusser, which Ishmael had only bought that year and which he was watching eagerly.

    Secret Bread

  • At first she could not find them, and she was informed that most of them had gone to what they called a private little jig at the house of a hay-trusser and peat-dealer who had transactions with their farm.

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles

  • Donald brought his wife forward without hesitation, it being obvious that he had no suspicion whatever of any antecedents in common between her and the now journeyman hay-trusser.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge

  • The hay-trusser, which he obviously was, nodded with some superciliousness.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge

  • The hay-trusser deposited his basket by the font, went up the nave till he reached the altar-rails, and opening the gate entered the sacrarium, where he seemed to feel a sense of the strangeness for a moment; then he knelt upon the footpace.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge

  • Now that Henchard's whole career was pictured distinctly to his neighbours, and they could see how admirably he had used his one talent of energy to create a position of affluence out of absolutely nothing -- which was really all he could show when he came to the town as a journeyman hay-trusser, with his wimble and knife in his basket -- they wondered and regretted his fall.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge

  • He was the only positive spectator of the hay-trusser's exit from the Weydon Fair-field.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge

  • On reaching it, she turned, and pulling off her wedding-ring, flung it across the booth in the hay-trusser's face.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge

  • "Very well, she shall have the child, and the bargain's complete," said the trusser.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge


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