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  • n. An alkaloid that is the active component of curare.
  • n. The chloride of this alkaloid, C38H44Cl2N2O6, used as a muscle relaxant.

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  • n. A benzylisoquinoline alkaloid, obtained from curare and sometimes used to paralyse patients undergoing anaesthesia.

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  • n. a toxic alkaloid found in certain tropical South American trees that is a powerful relaxant for striated muscles


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin tubus, tube (from the practice of shipping it in bamboo tubes) + curarine (curare + -ine2).


  • For example, the alkaloid D - tubocurarine, extracted from a liane, Chondradendron tomentosum, is widely used as a muscle relaxant in surgery.

    Chapter 7

  • 'Clearance approaches in phar - macodynamics: application to D-tubocurarine'.

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  • The drug effects were not "like curing like" in homeopathic terms, but adjuncts to the curative surgery. tubocurarine, took a long time to clear after surgery, and new, shorter agents such as rocuronium are used so that the patient can recover faster from the effects of either natural preparations, or drugs used with limited knowledge of the structure-activity relationships between their molecular structure and the appropriate cellular receptors.

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  • Obvious examples include nalox - (wanted), metoclopramide-naproxen (the absorp - one for opioid overdose and physostigmine for tion of the latter being hastened by the former for reversal of tubocurarine in anesthesia.

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