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  • v. Present participle of tubthump.
  • v. In politics or commercial promotion, aggressively attracting attention for something


tub +‎ thumping (Wiktionary)


  • What we took as tubthumping when Australia routinely humiliated England on five previous tours was, it seems to me now, more disappointment at the inadequacies of the players' technique and temperament.

    Aussie cricket commentators have been a breath of fresh air on air | Rob Bagchi

  • One thing is certain: there was nothing to prevent even the most tubthumping, St George waving, Three Lions-yawping serial denier coming round to the inner-peace-providing conclusion that England lost to the better team.

    Inner Peace; and Fussball Gott

  • Martin's tubthumping is bad enough without grabbing Lovecraft's corpse by the ankles, giving it a shake and going, Boogah boogah!

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • Basically, the SNP have to keep away from the extremes of claiming a tubthumping victory, a ringing endorsement for independence, and being so insecure about their slender lead that they are rabbits in the debating chamber's headlights.

    A little death for Labour, 'le petite morte' for SNP

  • He's tall and presentable, and is the best kind of actor, ie subtle, totally natural and inward - no tubthumping, no trick-playing, no ham; and he has a splendid voice.

    The Muse, or, Voglio Turandot!

  • Osborne's response seems to have gone down quite well in the blogosphere although I have to say for me he was too confrontational, tubthumping and shrill.

    "Pre-Budget Report" Stuff

  • You write "Just like with the NHS, no amount of tubthumping from the Government will detract from what people's personal experience is"

    Another Major moment from Brown?

  • Just like with the NHS, no amount of tubthumping from the Government will detract from what people's personal experience is.

    Another Major moment from Brown?

  • If on the other hand 18DS is about Tory tubthumping I think the video conveys it perfectly.

    Viral Advertising: It's the Future and it Works

  • Unfortunately, the mismatch of marketably cynical and apathetic tone with idealistic and often reductive political tubthumping in his work has gotten us to the point of things like Civil War #7 being intended as a happy ending where the right side wins and Captain America's surrender heals the rift in the superhero community.

    I feel dirty … 2007 edition! | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources


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