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  • n. Plural form of tuffet.


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  • Luxury home-goods company MacKenzie-Childs is known for its black-and-white "Courtly Check" dinnerware and for its whimsical spirit—teapots, tassels, tuffets and the like with cheerful patterns.

    Updating Teapots and Tuffets

  • There were fat couches covered in gold fabric, and round tuffets that had fringed skirts, piled high with glossy magazines.

    Certain Girls

  • The Growing Jewelry collection by hip Icelandic product designer Hafsteinn Juliusson is ideal for green thumbs who not only care about the environment but also want to spread some eco-love by sporting tuffets of moss as jewelry.

    ‘Growing Jewelry’ Icelandic Moss Rings | Inhabitat

  • Here were six little grassy tuffets, according to the length of children, all laid east and west, without any stint of room, harmoniously.


  • They didn't have breath to spare for talking as they began to climb Stoatshead Hill, stumbling occasionally in hidden rabbit holes, slipping on thick black tuffets of grass.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • There was a whole landscape on this wall if you peered closely enough to see it; the roofs of a hundred tiny toadstools, red, yellow, and brown, showed in patches like villages on the damper portions; mountains of bottle - green moss grew in tuffets so symmetrical that they might have been planted and trimmed; forests of small ferns sprouted from cracks in the shady places, drooping languidly like little green fountains.

    My Family and Other Animals

  • They slowly quieted down, from chatters to twitters to cooings, and at last were silent, two tiny tuffets of terror.

    More Than Human

  • Two or three excited figures shouted for them to hurry because she was going to strike in Dollar Cove, and everybody began to scramble up the grassy slope, clutching at the tuffets of thrift to aid their progress.

    The Altar Steps

  • They strew, too, the dry brown grass of the land, thick tuffets, and lie even among the rushes, blown hither from the distant trees.

    The Open Air

  • Ideas tend to work out in their own time, even though that doesn’t mean we should sit on our tuffets and wait.

    2009 November


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