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  • v. To tumble; jump; dance.

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  • To tumble; jump; dance.


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From Middle English tumben, tomben, from Old English tumbian ("to tumble, leap, dance"), from Proto-Germanic *tūmōnan (“to turn round”). Cognate with Middle High German tumen ("to turn round"), Icelandic tumba ("to tumble"). See tumble.


  • Nothing has been really done, fishing industry and communities thrived, or just survived where they shouldn't have. now we have to face real extinction: unpleasant decisions have hence to be made, hitting big companies as well as mom & pop operations. too bad, too late. fisherman have dug their own tumb by fighting fishing quotas years after years. very unfortunate but real.

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  • Per gradus ascenditur in hunc locum, et est rupis velut albi coloris, cum aliqua rubedine per loca commixta, habens scissuram, quam dicunt Golgotha, in qua maior pars preciosi sanguinis Christi dicitur influxisse: vbi et habetur altare constructum, ante quod consistunt tumb� Godefridi de Bullion, et aliorum Regum Christianorum, qui circa annum incarnationis Domini,

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • "To-day the man possesses a second tumb, serviceable for all ordinary purposes."

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 153, November 28, 1917

  • Sunday, led by a rum -- looking old beadle -- others again had large Roman matron -- looking women in the leading files, the figurantes in their tails becoming slighter and smaller, as they tapered away, until they ended in leetle picaniny, no bigger as my tumb, but always preserving the uniformity of dress, and colour of the umbrella or parasol.

    Tom Cringle's Log

  • I am fourteen and my skin has betrayed me the boy I cannot live without still sucks his tumb in secret how come my knees are always so ashy what if I die before the morning comes and momma's in the bedroom with the door closed.

    Bitch. Ph.D.

  • No matter what happens there is going to be economic devastation because of us with our collective tumb up the ass attitude through various administrations.

    Hoopler -

  • He also managed to stay on the field despite the two injuries - a broken tumb vs.

    The Seattle Times

  • Shadow dragon, Sword of light the bottom one also has a chewed up tumb stick might watch the auction ones, thanks. i didn't see them when i was searching earlier Lol the description says the rubber is slightly worn off ... it looks like a dog chewed it!! Forums

  • Posts: 1,073 the bottom one also has a chewed up tumb stick Forums

  • If you have the demonsbane, treasure at raithwalls tumb and two katanas it will be very easy.



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