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  • adj. of trifling worth


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  • We all have baggage in our pasts to deal with and it'd be great to be able to deal with them on our own - esp if our partners are either (a) unaware or (b) don't give two-tuppeny-bits about them.

    In Confidence...

  • Does it matter a tuppeny damn that it was white Englishman, William Wilberforce who managed to outlaw slavery in England and its colonies only that it was stopped.

    When Skin Color Matters

  • Take her out of poor tuppeny luck before she goes off in pure treple licquidance.

    Finnegans Wake

  • I leave that stuff to smart people, and throw my tuppeny worth in where it doesn't seem horribly inappropriate.

    Oppressed by the label "Republican"?

  • And all of this, please note, for a tuppeny-ha'penny article, in a magazine with a circulation of 6000.

    April 2004

  • "That there's a doctor, not 'un'a yer tuppeny whoors!"

    The Serpent's Shadow

  • Thereupon she produces out of a capacious pocket a tuppeny salad, and the ladies sit down to tea.

    Christmas Meeting

  • 'Well, I assure you it's when you've got me to go with you on one of your Whitechapel raids that I feel most strongly how outrageous it is that, in addition to all my other advantages, I should buy self-approval by doing some tuppeny-ha'penny service to a toiling, starving fellow-creature.'

    The Convert

  • "And I'm the master," said the other; "if the master of a ship can stay down the fo'c's'le, I'm sure a tuppeny-ha'penny mate can."

    More Cargoes 1897

  • "And I'm the master," said the other; "if the master of a ship can stay down the foc'sle, I'm sure a tuppeny-ha'penny mate can."

    Sea Urchins


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