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  • n. A species of wild goat, Capra caucasia, native to the western Caucasus.

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  • n. The urus.

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  • n. A common name of three species of wild goat found in the Caucasus, but more particularly of Capra caucasica, which inhabits the central Caucasus. This animal has horns, with a somewhat spiral curve, approaching one another at the tips.
  • n. An abbreviation of Turkey; of Turkish.
  • n. The urus.


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From Russian тур.


  • Polio XI. incipit Prologus S. Hieronymi; & ad calcem Apocalypfis (qW5 termiDatur fblio verfo) habetur clauiula qusedam, in qua. editio ipfa delcrrbi 'tur his Verbis t In lujui quidem matgttte finguloium locorum concorduniiAe dili' genter annotatae lunt: nothinum Hebratcotum interpretationts Jolito more anneBuft 'tur\ una cam tahula alphabtiica fingidas Hifiorias totius Bibi. ae accuratiffime rt» ioUigente* CorrsS.a injuper ac Jtudiofifftme emendata per do£liJfimum in Jacris fd - tt -

    Specimen historico criticum editionum italicarum saeculi XV

  • & fkmiliamm, ntmirum ubi diverfa antea Reipublic* forma -, in Menar - chiam nuitatur, aut move tur loco, qui hactenus geflìt Principatufn, aut de - piqué regnatrix domus con ver ti tur*

    Marci Zuerii Boxhornii ... Institutionum politicarum libri duo: Editio altera, priori longè ...

  • Among them were the European bison, the Caucasian tur, which is a type of wild goat, wild boar and the leopard.

    WalesOnline - Home

  • In conjunction with the verb "tur" surely the Genetive marks the recipient; "tur- + Gen." ~ "give to".

    Ipa ama hen

  • The word is also used as the object of verbs (such as tur 'to give') that normally involve religious offerings (LL 6.xviii: ture acil caticaθ luθ celθim), so it really seems that this object is some kind of possible offering to the gods.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • He _is_ too big, -- that's a fact; but he's so like a human cre'tur ', I'd jest abaout as lieves slarter Orrin.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 08, No. 46, August, 1861

  • Peter; but to others it comes like a gert an 'tur'ble storm -- oh, that it do!

    The Broad Highway

  • "Well, this is handy," said he; "I was gettin 'tur'ble dry, and was thinkin' I would have to climb way down to the creek in all this rain."

    Arizona Nights

  • I should say as it was a judgment on him for the way he's treated that sweet young cre'tur 'as he parted from her child, -- for he's got that fond of him an' that set on him an 'that proud of him as he's a'most drove mad by what's happened.

    Little Lord Fauntleroy

  • Rather a han'some cre'tur ', and folks all liked her gait.

    Farm Ballads


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