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  • v. To release or let go; to permit (someone or something) to roam freely or to act freely.


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  • And at the end, the old men would be gripping handfuls of soil in their hands, tearing at the ground as if to turn loose some terrible beast inside the earth; and the young men would be drawing their flint-edged knives gently across their own thighs, drawing faint lines of blood, teaching their knives to be thirsty, teaching their own bodies to seek out pain and love it.

    He Don't Know Him

  • That under all the views presented by the subject, to infer or imply a power so potent for evil, and certainly not specifically delegated, from the clause in respect to "necessary and proper" auxiliary means to specified ends, would substitute means for ends; would utterly emasculate the Constitution, and turn loose the government to depredate upon the rights of the States, and the rights and liberty of the citizen, with no restraint but the sword of revolution in perspective.

    "Cato" on constitutional "money" and legal tender. In twelve numbers from the Charleston Mercury.

  • He refuses to consider an exchange for the king, says he's no fair match for a monarch, and to balance it fitly we must turn loose all the rearguard that were taken with him, to make up Stephen's weight in the scale.

    An Excellent Mystery

  • I didn't want to turn loose of my two-wing force, but the needle refused to stop its methodical up and down, up and down.

    Thud Ridge

  • I trust then that I may be acquitted of the charge of egotism when I say that I had fully as clear an idea of the subject and its practical application, as half the diploma-fledged young doctors the colleges of our country annually turn loose upon suffering humanity today.

    The Story of a Slave. A Realistic Revelation of a Social Relation of Slave Times--Hitherto Unwritten--From the Pen of One Who Has Felt Both the Lash and the Caress of a Mistress

  • An 'you'll see'm throw on the juice in that cold storage plant of his an' turn loose the prettiest scientific wallopin 'that ever you laid eyes on.

    Chapter II

  • "Once they've got us keeping our heads down, they turn loose whatever they've got in the way of infantry-and then it gets nasty."

    Phule me twice


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