turquoise-green love



from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A somewhat pale color intermediate between green and blue.


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  • Laduree had the nicest muted turquoise-green entrance in a somewhat art-deco style with a butterly motif and purple accents.

    My First Day in Paris

  • There is no feature of Sicilian food more strange than the outlandish colors on display in pastry shops: cassata, a sponge cake with ricotta cheese encased in stripes of iced marzipan in white and pale turquoise-green decorated with multihued candied fruit; and “Martorana Fruit”—marzipan dyed with garish greens, reds, and yellows and sculpted into the shape of watermelon slices, figs, and prickly pears.


  • Ms. Biondi helped Ms. Shennan pull together 10 outfits from pieces she already owns, including combinations such as her four-year-old gray pencil skirt paired with a green satin cocktail shell and a turquoise-green cardigan.

    Fashion's Closet Raiders

  • He was a mixture of Cajun, Negro, and Chitimacha Indian; his skin was the color of burnt brick, and he had tiny, turquoise-green eyes and a pie-plate face you could break a barrel slat across without his changing expression.

    Heaven’s Prisoners

  • Ch'in Ying painted in the Academic Style, indicating every detail, however small, and showing preference for a turquoise-green ground.

    A History of China

  • According to the custom of engaged couples, she kept a distance from her fiancé, only to charm him more, enticing him with the lovely movements of her body, veiled in the fleecy scarlet vest embroidered with flowers, and the blazes of her turquoise-green, almond-shaped eyes.

    Grazia Deledda - Prose

  • A turquoise-green, with varying amounts of blue tinge, on the spotted figures and in the numeral columns of pages 15 to 18; also, with somewhat less of the blue, for the “water” bands on pages 21 to 24.

    Commentary Upon the Maya-Tzental Perez Codex with a Concluding Note Upon the Linguistic Problem of the Maya Glyphs

  • The marshes were green and filled with exquisite flowers and mosses, little white and purple bells, some of them the most beautiful turquoise-green rising from tufts of verdure like mignonette.

    The Trail of the Goldseekers A Record of Travel in Prose and Verse

  • At last we came to a deserted square on one side of which stands the long low mosque of Mansourah with a turquoise-green minaret embroidered with traceries of sculptured terra cotta.

    In Morocco

  • Each nest contained four beautiful eggs of a full bright turquoise-green, shining as if varnished.

    The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1


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