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  • adj. Like a twat; foolish, objectionable.


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twat +‎ -y


  • Right after she popped baby out of her twatty, Erykah twittered that they were going to name her Twitty Milk.

    Dlisted - Be Very Afraid

  • Just a thought, but maybe that was why your school gave you such a distinctively twatty uniform - so you'd all grow up knowing how to handle yourself - a bit like that song 'A Boy Named Sue'?

    If You're Hippy And You Know It

  • You really do take the biscuit sometimes you twatty muppet.

    Tory Boy: Really Not Sure He Knows His Onions

  • I had decided to do that when I read the first twatty para.

    John Leech MP: Further Useless Parliamentary Efforts

  • Note: Jules and I later discussed what a twatty comment this was to make, but I left it in to prove how smart she really is.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • So what a bunch of twatty little hypocrites they are, eh?

    High Society

  • He's been a great leader this season on the pitch, and his twatty tweeting seems to be cutting back. | Top Stories

  • I work to classical music on internet radio, because it's non-distracting yet lively, and it makes me feel fancy and smart and twatty, except there's only about three stations on iTunes that I really like (i.e., no opera or "modern classical guitar"), and yet they run the worst commercials ever, the most horrible mood-puncturing ear-spam that

    Damn Hell Ass Kings

  • Not that we NEEDED to see more, she was pretty twatty from what they showed us, but it would have been interesting to see the reactions of the designers and stylists.

    TVgasm Recaps

  • Question 37: After your frankly twatty and toolish campaign in Hazel Grove, and the long campaign giving them time to find you out, and almost but not quite see you de-selected, you decided to get serious didn't you, with your scheming if not with any actual contribution?

    Labour of Love


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