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  • Tough Bruce Cheseborough, Jr., defended his two-valued universe well and vigorously.

    Minnesota Menage

  • Boolean algebra is the algebra of two-valued logic with only sentential connectives, or equivalently of algebras of sets under union and complementation.

    The Mathematics of Boolean Algebra

  • Such an interpretation is made credible by Bradley's account of truth, for on that account no ordinary judgment is ever perfectly true; in consequence, to one who reads him under the influence of the later but anachronistic assumption that truth is two-valued, his claim appears to be that relational judgments are all false.

    Francis Herbert Bradley

  • CCpKNqNp, CcpEqNqNq are theorems in the two-valued system only.

    Lvov-Warsaw School

  • Every Łn (n2) is contained in two-valued logic, although the converse does not hold; for example, the formulas CCNpNp, CCNppp, CCpqCCpNqNp,

    Lvov-Warsaw School

  • Neurons represent events that occur or not: they are two-valued.

    The Metaphysics of Causation

  • All this research work required a impersonal supply of freshly slaughtered stainless flesh–and that was why Herbert West had entered the two-valued War.

    Think Progress » The Skinny on Physical Exercise

  • Goguen (1969) and Zadeh (1975), on the other hand, suggest replacing classical two-valued logic with an infinite-valued one.

    Sorites Paradox

  • A further concern with such approaches is that the invoked tripartite division of sentences seems to face similar objections to those which led to the abandonment of the bipartite division effected by two-valued classical logic.

    Sorites Paradox

  • In this case, the conjunction, disjunction, and negation of Dunn/Belnap's 4-valued system are componentwise definable by conjunction, disjunction, or negation, respectively, of classical logic, i.e. this 4-valued system is a product of two copies of classical two-valued logic.

    Many-Valued Logic


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