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  • I continued to teach, wrote other biographies -- including a two-volume life of President Clinton -- and two small works on the history and practice of biography.

    Nigel Hamilton: The Kennedys

  • A two-volume reprint of the 1818 edition, supervised by William Godwin.

    Editions of Mary Shelley's _Frankenstein_

  • The most notable recent effort to answer Stephen's question is a gargantuan, 1,600 page, two-volume work The Death of the Messiah, written by Raymond E. Brown, a Catholic priest and one of the leading New Testament scholars of the late twentieth century.

    Rev. James Martin, S.J.: Who Killed Jesus? An Examination Of The Evidence

  • Seated on her family's big gold couch, she and her mother read from a two-volume illustrated book.

    New book challenges views on sex in the Bible

  • His two-volume set from 1880, titled "A Treatise on Foreign Bodies in Surgical Practice," is up for auction on eBay.

    Boing Boing

  • But one sage of the monetary powers and disabilities of the Constitution, Edwin Vieira Jr., writes in his two-volume history of the dollar, Pieces of Eight, that one can search the Federal Reserve Act until his eyes fall out without finding a delegation of the power to coin money.

    Ben Bernanke Raises The Curtain On The Fed's Activities

  • Because the fashion world is one of quixotic confluences, it's not such a surprise that in the same year that "Balenciaga and Spain" is on view a two-volume work about the house of Abraham has been published, "Soie Pirate" "pirate silk".

    Fashion's Eternal Flame

  • (From Borders. com) The love story between the innocent teenager Bella and the handsome vampire Edward, which prompted a worldwide phenomenon, breathes new life in a two-volume adaptation of Twilight!

    WEEKLY BOOK RELEASES FOR MARCH 14TH | Open Society Book Club Discussions and Reviews

  • Van Hensbergen thinks the slipped-in pornographic poems could have become a "shared secret" among readers, a cleverly concealed sliver of smut at the end of a serious two-volume work.

    Poetry bestseller boasts saucy secret in the bookbinding … 18th century porn

  • No review could do complete justice to the magnificent two-volume biography that has been so well-wrought by Michael Burlingame, but one way of paying tribute to it is to say that it introduces the elusive idea of destiny from the very start, and one means of illustrating this is to show how the earlier chapters continually prefigure, or body forth, the more momentous events that are to be dealt with in the later ones.

    Lincoln’s Emancipation


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