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  • n. Plural form of twofer.


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  • Set in an alternate-reality present where nuclear testing on American soil resulted in a spike in conjoined twins, the novel's "twofers" now constitute a thriving minority complete with their own I'm-OK-you're-OK subculture.

    Two Times a Lady

  • As a matter of fact, we were on what you call "twofers," that's two tickets for one.

    CNN Transcript Nov 27, 2003

  • In the US some refer to black women or gay Hispanics as twofers because one meets 2 diversity criteria fer the price of just one

    Let's put women first in 2011 | Mervyn Davies

  • But for now I only buy cheap twofers and stuff from TCM that goes for around 7 bucks.

    End of the Summer Reading

  • For the month of August you can get twofers for one.

    Two-for-the-price-of-one (Kitty Promotion Continues)

  • The twofers have helped because noise is often so abstract and amusical not that all Noisejihad albums have dispensed with rhythm that having two sounds sit side by side puts each of them in some sort of context.

    Disquiet » Live Noise Netlabel Release

  • Now came "Cougar" Daly, fresh from the Bowery, with the odor of stale beer and "twofers" on his seven-dollar "cit" suit marked down to five ninety-nine, which was hanging in the orderly room, and which he was sure to don when on "old guard" pass and sober; but Daly was like all soldiers in one respect -- he always got drunk in uniform.

    Bamboo Tales

  • To maximize the sound coming from the compact speaker, the designers turned the rechargeable battery into a woofer to create a smoother bass and created dual 1-inch linear magnetic drive "twofers" to improve its clarity and range. News

  • Destroy dem Trufers ... (twufers, twofers) Trufer: The word "trufer" is used as a pejorative to describe 9/11 conspiracy loons, also known as truther (s), because they love to parade around with stupid chants and piss people off with their psycho babble. - Business News

  • Watching his videos is one of those great twofers you get from the best teachers - insights into both his material and his technique.

    McGee's Musings


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