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  • n. A traditional Basque musical instrument.


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  • From the deserts of Morocco to the lushness of India to the frozen tundra of Lapland to the grassy steppes of Mongolia, the filmmaker offers the txalaparta as a conduit for communication that transcends culture, geography, and language.

    Letter to America

  • He confronts the extinction of a lifestyle armed only with a camera and a little-played Basque instrument, the txalaparta.

    Letter to America

  • As seen in the film, the way to address this was pretty simple, generally just with the two of them and cameraman / director Raúl de la Fuente arriving in the communities where they hoped to film: "When we made the ride to a little village, the first thing we did was play the txalaparta," Otxoa says.


  • It's the nature of what they do under the musical name of Oreka Tx -- they play the txalaparta, one of the few instruments that this one.


  • Soon the txalaparta (often abbreviated as "tx") took hold as an instrument not just of music but of Basque culture and pride at a time when it was being squashed under the continued rule of Spain by fascist


  • And among the Sámi people in the Lapland region of north Sweden, they even made a txalaparta entirely of ... ice!


  • On Nömadak Tx, the duo Oreka Tx play the Basque instrument the txalaparta (basically a plank of wood) with Indian, Scandinavian and Mongolian musicians.



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