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  • n. A statement that declares a name for a data type.
  • n. A name that has been declared by such a statement.


From type and definition; originally a keyword in the C programming language. (Wiktionary)


  • Message typedef, which is provided by the framework, and contains the data sent by the client.

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  • /* Structures for datas storage * /typedef struct {u_int32_t from, first_timestamp; struct timeval first_seen;} machine_t; typedef struct {u_int32_t host, nat; struct timeval first_seen;} nat_box_t;

    Phrack Issue #63 (The Lost Circle of Hackers)

  • /* Structures for TCP options * /typedef struct {u_int32_t ts, ts_r;} timestamp_t; typedef struct {timestamp_t * ts;} tcp_opt_t;

    Phrack Issue #63 (The Lost Circle of Hackers)

  • Personally I would typedef rather than #define my integer types.

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  • See the definition of the map typedef map CIndexToDataMap; CIndexToDataMap m_IndexToDataMap; articles

  • The standard traits type is defined as: typedef Container container_type; typename container_type:: value_type value_type; typedef typename container_type:: iterator iterator; typename container_type:: const_iterator const_iterator; const container_type

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  • Time time_type; typedef Traits traits_type; typename traits_type:: container_type container_type; typedef typename traits_type:: value_type value_type;

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  • Hi, what happens if I try to access a non-existent key by using operator []? e.g. typedef std:: unordered_map articles

  • This example could then be changed to the following if the code were ported to a 32-bit architecture: typedef unsigned short U16; typedef unsigned int U32;

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  • The following example can be defined for a 16-bit architecture: typedef unsigned int U16; typedef unsigned long U32;

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