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  • n. Plural form of type.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of type.


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  • The types of the completeness of the Redemption, as that the sun gives light to all, indicate only completeness; but [_the types_] of exclusions, as of the Jews elected to the exclusion of the Gentiles, indicate exclusion.

    Pascal's Pensées

  • Other label types can be added with a graphical editing interface.

    SnapFiles latest software

  • The two main types of infant sleep positioners are flat mats with side bolsters or inclined wedge mats with side bolsters.

    Mothercare withdraws baby equipment after US infant death scare

  • Chobani! finally getting something scary over with being told that I write good Facebook updates that certain types of junk food really do seem to be history things once hard that now are easy (repeat) being told, “Ask for forgiveness, not permission” prevailing in my running program once again hauling my arse to the gym instead of wallowing in self-pity

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Yes, Freddie and Fannie should have not be issuing certain types of loans, mortgage brokers should not have been lying to get people approved, people who could not afford then should not have been buying at the level they did, BUT NONE OF THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

    Levin swears repeatedly at Goldman hearing

  • My dislike of the Bachmann and Palin types stems NOT from the fact that we differ in our politcal outlook, but in their BLATANT DISPLAY OF IRRESPONSIBILITY when expressing their views.

    Clinton warns against violent anti-government attitude

  • Now certain types of verbal communication were also covered by open government laws (open meetings act) but the application was in very limited circumstances.

    Subtexts « PubliCola

  • The current 20-40-year-olds probably won't do politics again; they'll do environmental stuff and bike and have kids, and all the Palin types need is inattention from the moderates/progressives to win.

    Seattle Times, Your Bias Is Showing « PubliCola

  • "Given the choice, only certain types of students would consider living in a coed residence hall, and the fact that they might be more 'libertine' than other students is hardly surprising," says William DeJong, a professor at Boston University School of Public Health.

    Students drink more and more often if living in coed dorms

  • ArtBabble - shouldn't generally create silos but ArtBabble spotted that YouTube wasn't working for certain types of content.

    Museum pecha kucha night


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