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  • adj. written using a typewriter
  • v. Past participle of typewrite


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  • On the bureau in his room he found an envelope with his name typewritten on the outside.

    The House Without a Key

  • The report in typewritten form was one of the working documents used in the preparation of the 'budget' submitted by President Taft to Congress in February, 1913.

    American Indian Stories

  • When Miss Keller puts her work in typewritten form, she cannot refer to it again unless some one reads it to her by means of the manual alphabet.

    The Story of My Life

  • a manuscript that she can read; but as her work must be put ultimately in typewritten form, and as a braille machine is somewhat cumbersome, she has got into the habit of writing directly on her typewriter.

    The Story of My Life

  • He was referring to the typewritten version of Mark Twain’s manuscript, and his intent was to give it his usual editorial once-over for broad issues of usage, tone, and coherence.

    Mark Twain

  • As with the four that had preceded it, the letter was addressed to Detective Stephen Louis Carella, the name neatly typewritten on the face of the envelope.

    Eight Black Horses

  • The reward for his efforts was a single envelope with only his first name typewritten on the outside; no stamp, no postmark, and no return address.

    Camy's Loft

  • Her typewritten critiques average over 1,000 words, and her handwritten line edits on manuscripts are extensive.


  • Somehow, nine pages of typewritten notes based on that meeting ended up in the midst of a court filing in another, unrelated case handled by the firm.

    Notes hint at a messy split for Arenas

  • When they opened the box, they found the card, with a typewritten note: "Although damaged, the value of this baseball card should increase exponentially throughout the 21st century!"

    Surprise Trading Card Donation To Get Nuns Big Bucks At Auction


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