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  • adj. Extremely hard; of utmost hardness.


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ultra- +‎ hard


  • Ten minutes later, the coronal mass ejection impacted the planet, bathing the sunlit side with a lethal dose of ultrahard radiation that instantly exterminated every living thing it its path.

    365 tomorrows » Patricia Stewart : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • But to us business voyeur types, Disney is among the least warm-and-fuzzy companies on the planet: driving ultrahard bargains to raise money at ultracheap rates, putting the squeeze on suppliers and spotting tax loopholes faster than the company's animators can spot a Dalmatian.

    The Loophole King

  • So the emergency fix that the Army has decided for the Strykers bound for Iraq is to glue a sheet of ultrahard steel behind each faulty tile.

    Faulty Armor?

  • Because they are composed of the same ultradense, ultrahard composite, there is a risk that one or both crystals could sustain microscopic scratches or other damage if they come into contact.

    The Starfleet Survival Guide

  • They used ultrahard steel to shape the edge and spine of the blade, the one to hold a cutting edge so perfectly sharp it virtually disappeared, the other to create a strong back - bone.

    Second Skin

  • Its ultrahard metal was as shiny as ever, but it was two-thirds gone.

    Covergent Series

  • They had been born as ultrahard gamma radiation, and they were positively bursting with energy, attempting to push their respective ways through the dense nucleonic gas that had been their womb.

    Out Like a Light

  • A plasma arc torch (has been) developed for fabricating ultrahard materials and coatings by mass production methods.

    The Practical Values of Space Exploration Report of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U.S. House of Representatives, Eighty-Sixth Congress, Second Session

  • On such high-quality surfaces, CVI Melles Griot will deposit ultrahard coatings and guarantee high laser damage thresholds. all content

  • To wit: bearings covered in ultrahard coatings of artificial diamond.

    The Register


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