from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having, or protected by, an umbrella.


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  • The huddled (and umbrellaed) masses on Lincoln Center Plaza for the Metropolitan Opera's opening night

    Albert Imperato: My Takeaway From the Metropolitan Opera's New Rheingold

  • But I am also on the ship to sip umbrellaed tropical drinks, lounge in hot-tubs, embark upon pre-fab 'outings' to destinations whose entire economies revolve around the massive floating castles nestled in their ports--and, yes, watch the Super Bowl.

    Zac Hill: Being Cool With Having Stuff: At-Least-Potentially Guilt-Free Super Bowl Cruising

  • I render no judgement or advocacy regards such a national insurance scheme - I would merely react to the imposition of such a scheme by buying up every share of publicly traded stock in any company that can even spell health care, precisely because they will be selling into a market that is umbrellaed by guaranteed payment, underwritten by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

    Primary Care Doctors vs. Specialists, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Looking for her legs or ones like them and sometimes seeing close approximations umbrellaed by flowing skirts, cased in cut offs.

    Legs like David

  • Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down gleefully throws itself into a weirdness that is more unfettered surrealism than what one would expect from contemporary slipstream novels, or any of those books umbrellaed under the term “new weird.”

    Mission: What’s Your Favorite ‘Weird Western’? | Missions Unknown

  • Perhaps Republicans need to be reminded that those umbrellaed under the category of “entertainer” include, among others, circus clowns.


  • These sites are umbrellaed under the name Gnod, which is described by the webmaster as my experiment in the field of artificial intelligence.

    A Visual Display of Author Distance

  • I asked him as we sat at the umbrellaed table on the terrace.

    1st to Die

  • Water, he noticed as his eyes focused, so pure that the translucent jellyfish everywhere in it were like delicate ghosts, umbrellaed in sheerest silk, with long trails of lustrous frilly tentacles abandoned to the tug of ship and current.

    Morgan’s Run

  • “Where do you want to sit?” he asked as she walked by two umbrellaed tables and headed toward the swimming pool further back on the lawn.



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