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  • n. A genus of sciænoid fishes, having the dorsals contiguous, the second dorsal much larger than the anal, vertebræ about 10 abdominal and 14 caudal, lower jaw not projecting, hypopharyngeals distinct, a single barbel, an air-bladder, and two anal spines. The type is Sciæna cirrhosa of Linnæus, now U. cirrosa. Species are found in most warm seas. U. broussoneti inhabits West Indian and Florida waters. U. roncador, the yellow-finned roncador of the Pacific coast, is one of the handsomest sciænoids, about 15 inches long.
  • n. [lowercase] A fish of this genus; an umbra or umbrine.
  • n. In entomology, a genus of dipterous insects.

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  • n. croakers


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