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  • n. The worldwide Muslim community.

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  • n. the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan


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From Arabic أمّة ("community").


  • "One Legacy is the fingerprint of the young Muslim ummah [community] -- it basically personifies the kind of ummah that we have right now," said Yasmin Bhuj, 31, a founder and marketing director who is married to Mattar.

    Muslim radio show talks up the taboo

  • The Prophet pbuh made the Jews of Medina one "ummah," or community with the believers.

    Archive 2005-04-17

  • If we didn't have the PLO and 30 years ago we followed the positions of Mr. Meshaal, Mr. Haniye and Mr. Zahhar, today there wouldn't be something called Palestine, we would be mere part of the "ummah".

    Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA

  • Ironically, of course, the nearest thing we have to fascsim in the Uk is ISLAM and all those muslims who tacitly support the 'ummah' and jihad.


  • However, if a non-Muslim population refuses to adopt Islam or pay the Jizya protection/subjugation tax, that population is considered to be at war with the Muslim "ummah" and therefore it becomes legal under Islamic law to take slaves from that non-Muslim population.

    KI Media

  • Victor D. Hanson in "From Nationalism to Fascism to Terror Parallels between Germany and the Arab World by Ray Ibrahim Private Papers" explains in length the parallel of "ummah" in Arabism/Islamism (as pride in their prophet from Arabia, and a more "true" Arab is rather a Muslim-Arab) as is "volk" in Nazism and in both cases the rejection of Jews were used to

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • Mohammed believed that by means of monotheism he could bring about a pan-Islamic and pan-Arab unity called "ummah".

    Latest Articles

  • There is unfortunately a strong connection to western ideals and pre-Islamic practises that is influencing the men and women within our ummah thus causing a severe and sometimes irreparable break in the bonds of marriage.

    Global Voices in English » Egyptian Women and a Fresh Outlook on Divorce

  • According to the group's English language website, the group was founded in order to achieve "the independence of the Muslim land from foreign domination, and the establishment of an Islamic sociopolitical system unitiy of ummah."

    Who Are The Muslim Brotherhood?

  • But this isn't merely about a very great religious and social phenomenon, which is a key element of 'ummah' and what makes Islam a community quite different from any other religion; it's also an astonishing cultural and trading event.

    The British Museum's Pilgrimage


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