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  • Not admired; not regarded with affection or respect; not admirable.


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  • Two such figures alighting at the inn gate did not pass through the yard unnoticed and unadmired by the guests and attendants, some of whom fairly took to their heels, on the supposition that these outlandish creatures were the avant-couriers or heralds of a French invasion.

    The Life and Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves

  • Cradell had made good his claim upon her, been not unadmired by

    The Last Chronicle of Barset

  • During those days, those gawky, gainless, unadmired days, in which he had wandered about the lanes of Guestwick as his only amusement, and had composed hundreds of rhymes in honour of Lily Dale which no human eye but his own had ever seen, he had come to regard himself as almost a burden upon the earth.

    The Small House at Allington

  • In 1920, the unadmired great man of American letters, William Dean Howells, died, and Lewis published Main Street; then Babbitt (1922); Arrowsmith (1925); Elmer Gantry (1927); Dodsworth (1929).

    The Romance of Sinclair Lewis

  • The figures in the singular tapestry of Troilus went through their aping unadmired, and the grey dawn found them at it.

    The Forest Lovers

  • Mrs. Phil and her husband were almost thoughtful; Tod disported himself unregarded and unadmired, comparatively speaking; Mollie seemed half frightened by the aspect affairs were wearing; and Aimee's wise, round face had an older look.

    Vagabondia 1884

  • Whereas the peach is a stocky tree, prolific and profitable to its owner, for to its unadmired and modest blossom succeedeth a toothsome fruitage.

    Romance of Roman Villas (The Renaissance)

  • She had what was no mean portion for those times and those conditions; and, granted that she was affected, and provincial, and short, and all the rest with which she is charged, she was probably not without suitors; nor do her defects or faults seem to have been those of an unadmired or neglected woman.


  • No flower of the field or of the ocean that came within the ken of Wallace, wasted its sweetness unadmired.

    The Scottish Chiefs

  • Cradell herself had, in days before Cradell had made good his claim upon her, been not unadmired by Cradell's fellow-clerk.

    The Last Chronicle of Barset


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