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  • n. The quality of being inadvisable.

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  • n. The character of being unadvised; imprudence; rashness; indiscretion.


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unadvised +‎ -ness


  • And, Captain Smith, this might soon be your fate too through your rashness and unadvisedness.

    Address to Captain John Smith

  • Ghost is so far from being allowed to be a gift, or a grace, or a duty, or any way useful among men, that it is derided and scorned as a paltry faculty, fit to be exploded from among Christians; and at length it is traduced as an invention and artifice of the Jesuits, to the surprisal and offence of many sober persons; the unadvisedness of which insinuation the ensuing discourse will manifest.


  • I had sadly to recognise that I didn't, that I couldn't pretend to have come to that yet -- and truly, as I look back, either the unadvisedness and inexpertness of my young contemporaries on all that ground must have been complete (an interesting note on our general manners after all,) or my personal failure to grasp must have been.

    A Small Boy and Others

  • Into this strait he brought himself by his own unadvisedness, in quitting the land of Judah, and going among the uncircumcised.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume II (Joshua to Esther)

  • They did not upbraid them with the rashness and unadvisedness of this action, did not tell them, "If you would do such a thing, and with this good intention, yet you might have had so much respect for Joshua and Eleazar as to have advised with them, or at least have made them acquainted with it, and so have saved the trouble and expense of this embassy."

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume II (Joshua to Esther)

  • She pretended not to understand him; but told him, 'If he already found himself grieved with her Conversation, he would have sufficient reason to repent the rashness of his first Demand before they had ended: for that now she intended to hold discourse with him, on purpose to punish his unadvisedness, in presuming upon a Person whose dress and mien might not

    Incognita; or, Love and Duty Reconcil'd

  • They dismiss'd the Fellow, and with many Embraces, congratulated their fortunate Delivery from the Mischief which came so near them, each blaming himself as the Occasion: Aurelian accusing his own unadvisedness in stealing upon Hippolito; Hippolito blaming his own temerity and weakness, in being so easily frighted to Disorder; and last of all, his blindness, in not knowing his dearest Friend.

    Incognita; or, Love and Duty Reconcil'd

  • I wish that all young maidens will take heed of being beguiled with flattering words, with feigning and lying speeches, and take the best way to preserve themselves from being bought and sold by wicked men as she was, lest they repent with her, when, as to this, repentance will do them no good, but for their unadvisedness go sorrowing to their graves.

    Works of John Bunyan — Volume 03

  • That is the thing that I say, let them take heed, lest for their unadvisedness they smart, as this poor woman has done.

    Works of John Bunyan — Volume 03

  • But I, partly through ignorance, partly unadvisedness, and sometimes through forgetfulness of evil, do now and then so sprinkle pleasure with the hopes of good and sweeten men up in their greatest misfortunes that they are not willing to leave this life,. even then when according to the account of the destinies this life has left them; and by how much the less reason they have to live, by so much the more they desire it; so far are they from being sensible of the least wearisomeness of life.

    In Praise of Folly


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