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  • Slide 20: SQL Injection: How it works.? uname = kate&pwd = 123abc SELECT pwd FROM USERS WHERE uname IS '$uname'; SELECT pwd FROM USERS WHERE uname IS 'kate'; Kate server DB server? uname = '; \% 20DROP\%20TABLE\%20USERS; & pwd = 123abc SELECT pwd FROM USERS WHERE uname IS' $uname '; SELECT pwd FROM USERS WHERE uname IS' '; Bad Guy DROP TABLE USERS; server DB server

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  • SELECT * FROM users query. if ($r = mysql_query ($query)) while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($r)) $user = $row [ 'uname']; Latest 15 Tutorials

  • I think that it would be highly advisable for ALL linux distributions to implement a command such as uname (or even an argument within) that displays the current of an operating system, so that writing code for specific distributions and or builds can be simplified, ensuring an accurate read as to what distro/build it is rather than having to try to guess, figure out, and worry about the user changing some file (s).

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  • ToString (ed [ "uname"]); if (x = = y & & z = = TextBox6.

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  • String cmd3 = "insert into friendlist values ( '" + Session [ "uname"].

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  • On my login page I want to hide some node like see my login code if (Session [ "uname"]!

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  • String cmd6 = "delete from requests where ((reqto = '" + Session [ "uname"].

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  • To find it, look at the list of applications on the portal, and check what appears in "application type" uname "tabindex =" 1 "accesskey =" U "size =" 30 ">

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  • No need to change numbers, just your SIP account rate plans, update uname/settings and you in business.

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  • Of course, I have no horse in that race: uname - a

    Matthew Yglesias » The End of Hierarchical File Systems


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