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  • adj. Not besmirched


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  • The crime scene was grisly, and security tapes show Lowery leaving unbesmirched.

    Stein Murder Defense: 'Guilty of Stealing,' Not Other Things

  • Everything about her must be free of the taint of shed blood, everything must be pure and unbesmirched.

    red dust

  • In 1960, I am not behaving as a paladin of the realm, unbesmirched in conduct and surrounded by a radiant halo of pure holiness.

    Left-wing racist misogynists (a mea culpa)

  • "But we'll be sure not to tell anyone, so your reputation remains unbesmirched."

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • But there was no use protesting: the scheme of mathematical psychics was so neat, so beguiling, so bereft of troublesome human intransigences, and so happily unbesmirched with considerations of human striving and social conflict, that its success was immediate.

    The Worldly Philosophers

  • The soldiers stumbled forward doggedly, cursing the bite of the wind while reminding one another that generals are seldom of sound mind and unbesmirched ancestry.

    She Is The Darkness

  • Despite the distortions and misinterpretations that have saddled the Word of Odin down through the ages, here we finally have a truly poetic vision of the great War in Heaven that will decide our eventual Destiny, unbesmirched by the haggling of committees over precisely how many Pinks can be deep-fried in the 18th Bardo of Purgatory or how many Normal souls must be sacrificed to purchase a rich SubGenius a ticket to Heaven.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • Sad and charming and funny, young in just the right way, unbesmirched by, what makes so much other Hemingway foolish or wrong, it retains its magic the tenth time through.

    Fathers & Fathers & Sons

  • Mercifully it was upright and the resource management specialist's nest of papers unbesmirched by her night's debauchery.

    A Rock in the Baltic

  • Ring, by which the President himself was not unbesmirched.

    A History of the United States


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