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  • Not breathing.


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  • When someone is clothed in unbreathing polyester, I am not inclined to go anywhere near their taint.


  • Whenever the ship ploughed into the oncoming sea, we were swept around within the surf, unbreathing, while the stern rose into the air, the propellers out of their element screaming till they fell back down into the sea, and we on the bow leapt up again, unnaturally.

    A Floating World

  • As they watched, unbreathing, another joined it, and another.

    The Night Of the Solstice

  • That almost unbreathing feeling of, God no, this cannnot be happening.

    Twilight Lexicon » Movie News

  • Six unbreathing stone golems, seven-foot statues given life and motion by the High Magick, stood guard in the room to protect the Mages from their supplicants, their mirror-polished grey granite skin reflecting the softer stone of their surroundings.

    Tran Siberian

  • For several seconds, Cynny stood rigid and unbreathing, and then she clawed the pills and capsules out of the bag, bits of marijuana sticking to her fingers, fled into the bathroom, and without hesitation threw them in the toilet and pulled the handle.

    Sudden Rain

  • I had come instantly out of sleep and lay tense, unbreathing.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • He's got a gang and he's gonna pound you to a bloody, maybe unbreathing, pulp.

    Revisiting a Science Fiction Classic: ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card

  • The stars blinked vaguely, mere points of red struggling through the unbreathing gloom.

    Wings in the Night

  • The idea of Lucy's birth, unbreathing, made me think of when I unpacked the box containing my laptop and turned it on.

    please more gruel, sir


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