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  • adj. That cannot be built: an unbuildable house, given the eccentric design.
  • adj. Unsuitable to be built upon: unbuildable wetlands.

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  • adj. Not buildable; that cannot be built.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ buildable


  • Corridor Protection Zone plan passed in 2008 makes about half of the 2. 2-acre outlot in question "unbuildable," according to Canal Winchester zoning office Andrew Dutton.

    This Week News Feed

  • Areas threatened by flood and fire could become unbuildable.

    Brendan Smith: Coming Now to a Job Near You! Why Climate Change Matters for California Workers

  • In a do-nothing scenario housing prices along the coast are likely to plummet, and areas along the coast vulnerable to flooding could become all but unbuildable.

    Brendan Smith: Proposition 23: The Real Job Killer

  • He's working with Chicago Rarities to put a rare-fruit orchard in a prominent unbuildable vacant lot.

    In The 35th, Challengers Hope To Out-Outsider The Outsider

  • The site is not unbuildable, although I'd certainly be circumspect about rebuilding in the same location.

    McPile of Rubble (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • The four-acre lot, mostly unbuildable because it was on a steep cliff, was a public dump, overgrown with weeds and piles of slag and bricks.

    A Star Architect for a Song

  • The new projects generally downplayed these constraints and concentrated on architectural form: Foster designed an unusual pair of connected skyscrapers; the team of Meier, Eisenman, Holl, and Gwathmey produced a striking composition of five identical towers; Libeskind placed his buildings around a huge memorial excavation; and the team that included Foreign Office Architects and UNStudio proposed a colossal megastructure of a type that had never been built before—and was, perhaps, unbuildable.

    Makeshift Metropolis

  • There was a tendency amongst my students to run to computer modeling to test ideas, and as they experienced, the computer unfortunately allowed them to create things that were from many perspectives unbuildable expensive, structurally complicated or just simply impossible as forms in the physical world.

    Build Blog » The Importance of Sketching

  • May 16th, 2009 at 7: 27 am forget time travel. it will be hashed and rehashed until a working time machine is built, or proven unbuildable. instead, look up the experiment where somebody arranged a source for one photon at a time and then gave it two equally probably paths. dang photon went both ways.

    Rules for Time Travelers

  • After researching this deal for years, it looks to me like Forest City's bonds are all about an unbuildable, deeply flawed and troubled project.

    Steve Ettlinger: Forest City's Longshot Bond Issue in Brooklyn


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