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  • adj. Not Christlike.

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  • adj. not becoming to or like a Christian


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un- +‎ Christlike


  • I do not want to be unchristlike, but I believe what Carol said is true-we should not be wandering house to house being idle, nor should we encourage those who do.

    1920's Interior Decorating

  • I had to admit that the other man had transgressed, and that the money ought to be returned, but that he should have been more grieved over the unchristlike spirit of his brother than over the loss of the five dollars, and that like Sutajeff he should have said,

    When the Holy Ghost is Come

  • No; surely that would be a very unchristlike way of spending Sunday.

    Stray Thoughts for Girls

  • We test every Scripture by the Spirit of Christ in us: whatever is to us unchristlike in Joshua or in Paul, in a psalmist or in the seer on Patmos, is not for us the word of our God: whatever breathes the Spirit of Jesus from _Genesis_ to _Revelation_ is to us our

    Some Christian Convictions A Practical Restatement in Terms of Present-Day Thinking

  • Our lips are too unchristlike, face to face with such an act as this, to say amen for the prayer of mercy on this wretch.

    The Great Funeral Oration on Abraham Lincoln

  • He did so by speaking out against "the unchristlike attitude of Christians" and what he then saw as his fellow Christian's "Jewish bigotry."

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • No. But the world latches on to the unchristlike actions of these high profile pimp preachers (and their wives) for the sole purpose of bringing shame on Christ's name and if there were anything that you could accuse me of being angry about, that would be it.

    Pulpit Pimps

  • And there is nothing legalistic or unchristlike in doing so, because the Scriptures require it of us!

    Pulpit Pimps

  • And what is in this case being hidden is the fact that the church’s actions are unchristlike to an incredible degree based on the commonly held concept of “christlike” being loving, accepting, and tolerant, and that the arguments which the church has used to oppose gay marriage are completely and utterly fallacious.

    Extinguishing the Lights Along the Shore: One Man Speaks against Prop 8 in an LDS Meeting | Mind on Fire


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