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  • adj. Not able to be climbed

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  • adj. incapable of being ascended
  • adj. incapable of being surmounted or climbed


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- + climb + -able


  • El Cap was considered unclimbable, but a mountaineer named Warren Harding was determined to do it.

    Yosemite's Rock Stars

  • Fifty years ago, climbers conquered the “unclimbable” El Capitan; today climbers and visitors are still seduced by Yosemite granite.

    Yosemite's Rock Stars

  • Especially if the city is older than time, built on the slopes of an uneasily slumbering volcano, atop murmuring catacombs, and the eldritch ruins where men fear to tread loom over the unclimbed and unclimbable far side of the volcano, and strange musics or shrieks of nonhuman laughter ring across the ashy slopes when the moon is dark, or, in the case of Mars, moons.

    MIND MELD: Gods by the Bushel

  • It depicts a future where aliens sent back soul collecting devices in time and gathered all the human souls from the beginning of the species up to about the year 2000 and then re-made everyone's bodies and put the souls back in and deposited them on a planet with a twisting, million mile long river valley bordered by unclimbable mountains on each side.

    The Afterlife in Fiction and Movies

  • Devices that ranged from a metal rod to a portable geosonar would give him a more exact idea of what sort of footing lay buried under what depth of unclimbable sand-ice.

    The Clique

  • Making sure that the sort of suicidally insane fuckwits who go hauling themselves up unclimbable mountains stop pissing in the gene pool for once and for all.

    Touching Duh Void

  • Surrounded by an impenetrable moat and an unclimbable wall.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • And I think making the tower unclimbable is insane, since that interferes with its proper use.

    What Kind of Idiot? « Lean Left

  • He looked back at the high and unclimbable wall behind — unclimbable because of its smooth plastering, but withal pierced with many little doors and at the approaching line of seekers.

    The Door in the Wall, and other stories

  • Short of damage to things cherished and made, the Utopians will surely have this right, so we may expect no unclimbable walls and fences, nor the discovery of any laws we may transgress in coming down these mountain places.

    A Modern Utopia


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