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  • adjective Not clinched.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ clinched


  • They swayed back clinched together against the gate; then, both, as if struck by the same idea, unclinched and raised their fists.

    Flowering Wilderness

  • After that it was all a dark and ugly scrimmage in the deep shadow of the old trees, with no one to call ‘time,’ till, battered and blown, they unclinched and staggered back from each other, as a voice said:

    In Chancery

  • There, again as if moved by the same thought, they unclinched and scrambled up.

    Flowering Wilderness

  • As she said this, her eyes turned appealingly and yet savagely toward him and she emphasized it all with her hands, which she clinched and unclinched in a dramatic way.

    An American Tragedy

  • Television talk show host Dali Tambo opened the festivities by declaring: "On April 27 last year we raised our fists in joy and unclinched the fingers of anger."

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • She unclinched enough to extract the revolver from her waistband and set it on the coffee table on top of his scribbled notes.

    Courting Trouble

  • Simpson's hand unclinched and shame reddened in his face.

    O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921

  • The sweat stood in drops on his forehead, and he slowly clinched and unclinched his great brawny hands.

    Culm Rock The Story of a Year: What it Brought and What it Taught

  • Master Peter clinched and unclinched his horny hands as if he were coming to grips with his traducer.

    The Lady of Loyalty House A Novel

  • The gate sagged on its hinges; the fences around yard and garden and orchard had known no whitewash for years; the paint on the noble old house was cracked and peeling, the roof of the barn was sunken in, and the cabins of the quarters were closed, for the hand of war, though unclinched, still lay heavy on the home of the Deans.

    The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come


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