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  • v. Present participle of unclutch.


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  • He sat on a brown leather couch, clutching and unclutching the knees of his wrinkled gray Dockers.

    Mary, Mary

  • She dropped on him, claws clutching and unclutching in air, in anticipation of the glob of entrails they were about to rip out of his exposed gut.

    A Spell For Chameleon

  • The man was now pacing the room with restless strides, his emotion betrayed only by the convulsive clutching and unclutching of his hands.

    The Daffodil Mystery

  • Mr. Pyecroft, hands spasmodically clutching and unclutching; his look grew darker and darker.

    No. 13 Washington Square

  • Iddilcar sprang to his feet and threw out his arms to draw her to him; the breath came from his chest in short gasps; his eyes were suffused with tears through which he saw something glitter; and his hands, clutching and unclutching, caught only air.

    The Lion's Brood

  • β€œIt’s bad blood, bad blood,” said Tina Baxter, her hands clutching and unclutching the material of her dressing gown.

    Death of a Gossip


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