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  • adj. Impossible or very difficult to coach


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un- +‎ coachable


  • O'Neal's departure and success with the Heat only exacerbated Bryant's problems, and when Jackson excoriated him in a book after leaving the Lakers with Shaq in 2004 -- referring to Kobe as "uncoachable" -- he seemed more destined to be a historic brat than the next Michael Jordan.


  • My only point was that it's a little unfair to make the leap from Kobe being "uncoachable" to suggest, based on that observation, that a rape case was inevitable.

    he's not Worthy

  • The basketball Zen master Phil Jackson called him "uncoachable" in his book, which makes sense, because the essence of Buddhism is a loss of ego, clearly something that would be impossible for someone with Bryant's weltanschauung.

    last gleaming

  • He has become a true leader, hardly the "uncoachable" player as he was once labeled in a book by Jackson when their relationship was on the rocks.

  • He would try the unthinkable, the uncoachable and often pull it off.

    Brett Favre's final retirement? 'It is ... Believe me,' QB says

  • Players with common sense and good agents can demand high salaries and become uncoachable with the traditional football methods that Scolari used to win the World Cup for Brazil in 2002.

    Brazil's Football Fandango: Can "Coach Dopey" Win the World Cup?

  • Palin on the other hand is so much worse than what even we ever expected, as uncoachable as Miss Teen USA South Carolina 2007, of whom Palin reminded me in her Couric interview.

    Polls: After Debate, Obama Gains More Voter Confidence On National Security

  • You come to realize that no matter how much time sequestered away, that she is completely uncoachable.

    McCain Denies Blaming Obama And Democrats For Bailout Collapse

  • The test was uncoachable, according to the College Entrance Examination Board, which oversees the SAT.

    Kaplan's Tutoring Business Made the Grade

  • Hard to make the leap of uncoachable to rapist in one breath.

    he's not Worthy


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