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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of uncoil.


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  • She nails every syllable of Porter's tricky lyrics to the back wall of the theater—in "You're the Top" she even gives the uncanny impression that she's making them up on the spot—and when she uncoils her mile-long legs and flicks a forward pass at Mr. Donnell in the first scene, you'll whoop with delight.

    Sutton Foster's Got the Zowie

  • When I tumbled out of the basket of invisibility into the shadow of the mosque, I had been rescued by rebellion from the abstraction of numbness ...... and the snake uncoils, faster faster Picture Singh plays until the flute's music fills every cranny of the slum and threatens to scale the walls of the mosque ...

    G. Roger Denson: The Beauty We Fear: The Mosques of Secular Muslim Writers

  • There is something subtly contrary about this band: their most enigmatic song bears the name Warpaint, while their least-composed song – which opens in a fury of shouted vocals and uncoils in a meandering jam of slowly detuned guitars – is called Composure.

    Warpaint: The Fool - review

  • They theorized that when a photon hits one of those proteins the molecule uncoils, creating a tiny pore in the membrane.

    World Wide Mind

  • Mr. Mayweather, who has split-second reaction time, tucks his right by his chin and behind his slightly turned left shoulder, and then uncoils it as his foe comes charging in.

    Coming on Saturday: Mayweather vs. Mosley

  • I close my eyes and my body uncoils on the soft quilt beneath me.

    imperfect endings

  • Bubb sets it up and Michelle uncoils for the spike.


  • Aura uncoils the rolls of flypaper and drops them, one by one, into the water.

    The Lady Matador’s Hotel

  • Slowly, the snake uncoils; fluidly as a golden stream, it slips away into the jade-green of the garden understory, and who knows where it went?

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » NATURAL MAGIC: inspiration from the animal world

  • Claire uncoils another fry and twists her mouth into a forced smile.



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