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  • adj. Not requested or intended, unintentional


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  • One advantage of the Air Force study (and the three-year Pentagon study it motivated) is that it investigated accidents ” such as uncommanded rolls and dives ” that were fatal to the crews.

    There Is Nothing Left To Do But Care

  • Eleven times during the tests Macdonald flew, one of the rotors went into vortex ring state and the Osprey did a sudden, uncommanded roll—seven times to the right, four times to the left.

    The Dream Machine

  • “A tiltrotor aircraft, when deep within the vortex ring state region, can encounter uncommanded roll motions due to its side by side proprotor configuration,” the panel acknowledged, but the tests suggested it was just as easy for an Osprey to get out of it.

    The Dream Machine

  • Slowly, the bird started an uncommanded slow roll to the left, unresponsive to the stick.

    Hal Donahue: 'The Unforgiving Minute', Craig Mullaney's Service

  • Three months after the accident, the United States FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive that "required the deactivation of all electrically controlled B767… thrust reversers until corrective actions were identified to prevent uncommanded in-flight thrust reverser deployment" (as summarized in Thai Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee report, 2.5.4, paragraph 4).

    There Is Nothing Left To Do But Care

  • Because he was giving a summary, he listed only the three most important, one of which was a sudden, uncommanded dive.

    There Is Nothing Left To Do But Care

  • Twice since January 2008, Boeing 777 jetliners equipped with Rolls-Royce engines have experienced so-called thrust rollbacks, or uncommanded thrust reductions.

    NTSB Faults Rolls Engines

  • It was in a corner, distinct from and uncommanded by any of the angles of the fortification.

    Anne of Geierstein

  • U.S. and Canadian regulators thought the problem on these aircraft was resolved years ago, but decided to act after the recent accidents involving uncommanded and dangerous dipping of the wings of the aircraft during takeoffs, according to the FAA.

    FAA Issues New Rules

  • Investigators don't know if the pilots were pressing the rudder pedals or if the cause was a rare and unexplained mechanical fluke known as an "uncommanded rudder deflection."

    Why Did Flight 587 Fall?


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