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  • v. Present participle of uncomment.


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  • /"Change the last line to extension_dir =" c: phpext "The next change involves locating and" uncommenting "the following line:; extension = php_mysql. dll Simply remove the semicolon at the beginning of the line to uncomment it.

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  • That afternoon she began work on it, running the long seams up on the machine with whirring rapidity, acutely aware of her mother's silent, uncommenting passage back and forth through the sewing-room.

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  • Server to start the server, then launch the simple client example, uncommenting the initial code that inserts data into the database initially to populate it with some data.

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  • But on ubuntu 10.04 I'm having this issue; it is not showing passwords (if i log in for example in a forum with a http link) and not sending false certificate (if i try to log in in https links, after uncommenting the redir ip tables in etter. conf).

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  • Deprecated names of functions in the linalg package can only be used by uncommenting the alias assignments at the bottom of the

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  • You do this by uncommenting the two debug lines in config. php.

  • Uncomment option now takes into account all selected lines when uncommenting line comments

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  • This can be done either by uncommenting the appropriate lines in the

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  • You can try two things: enable debug mode by uncommenting the last lines in your config. php (should look like this) @define ( 'PHPBB_INSTALLED', true);

  • I overcame it by changing the several Hotkey, Offs and Ons by "Suspend" and "Suspend Off" lines (in the example code, uncommenting them and commenting out the Hotkey lines), which has the additional advantage of not having to add new Hotkey off lines whenever I add new hotkeys.

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