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  • adj. Not computable; that cannot be computed.


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  • Kelly and Schulte [1995] show that consistency prevents even agents with infinitely uncomputable cognitive powers from reliably assessing certain hypotheses.

    Formal Learning Theory

  • Roger Penrose has had to speculate on an uncomputable theory of quantum gravity just to keep the brain special, but he is almost alone in his position.

    OO’s and BB’s

  • Certainly it would be very difficult, like simulating the weather, but how is it possible that a neuron will do something that is uncomputable?

    OO’s and BB’s

  • Turing's oracle can be seen simply as a mathematical tool, useful for exploring the mathematics of the uncomputable.

    Alan Turing

  • He made no suggestion that randomness implied something uncomputable, and indeed gave no definition of the term

    Alan Turing

  • Turing turned to the exploration of the uncomputable for his Princeton Ph.D. thesis (1938), which then appeared as Systems of Logic based on Ordinals (Turing 1939).

    Alan Turing

  • (Of uncomputable functions there is, a fortiori, no mention.)

    Alan Turing

  • As will become clear from the ensuing discussion, the uncomputable ˜intuition™ of 1938 disappeared from Turing's thought, and was replaced by new ideas all lying within the realm of the computable.

    Alan Turing

  • One can only safely say that Turing's interest at this time in uncomputable operations appears in the general setting of studying the mental

    Alan Turing

  • Since there are only countably many turing machines, there are only countably many such numbers and whence “most” real numbers are uncomputable.

    Intelligent Design explained: Part 2 random search - The Panda's Thumb


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