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  • adj. Not having been concluded.


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un- +‎ concluded


  • I'm fond of her collection of essays Break Every Rule, and will conclude these unconcluded stabs at thought with a passage from her essay "Notes of a Lyric Artist Working in Prose":To use all and everything that is available to us through observation, memory, fantasy, desire, imagination -- so as to get up close next to one's vision.

    Archive 2004-10-01

  • He had quitted Waymarsh for this purpose, leaving him to his own resources with less ceremony than their wont, but finally coming down again with his letter unconcluded and going forth into the streets without enquiry for his comrade.

    The Ambassadors

  • Another has the toothache: the carpenter out pincers, and clapping one hand upon his bench bids him be seated there; but the poor fellow unmanageably winces under the unconcluded operation; whirling round the handle of his wooden vice, the carpenter signs him to clap his jaw in that, if he would have him draw the tooth.

    Moby Dick; or the Whale

  • Vavi said the figure would continue to rise until May, with poorly-paid workers spreading their payments over two months and some agreementbeing unconcluded.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • In view of the unconcluded charter, it would present him with problems enough, even so, but he would exert himself to the utmost to remove the scandalous suspicion of murder, or, if it must come to that, to see it ebb away into an unsolved mystery, attributed comfortably to some unidentified rogue outside the abbey enclave.

    Monk's Hood

  • They were still in the midst of unconcluded inquiries, and to pursue the measure then under discussion, at that moment, was to commit an act of great and unnecessary hostility toward the island of Jamaica.

    The Grand Old Man

  • Nations must work for future peace in the unhappy atmosphere of an unconcluded great war, while precluded from rendering any assistance toward the liquidation of that war.

    Ralph J. Bunche - Nobel Lecture

  • For this reason, our battle for democracy at home is at yet unconcluded and unwon, and our struggle against Japanese aggression has virtually become part and parcel of the Revolutionary War which broke out thirty-one years ago.

    The Fight for Democracy in China

  • "If I weren't loyal to Camilla Van Arsdale --" said Banneker, and left the implication unconcluded.

    Success A Novel

  • Cash in consideration of an unconcluded marriage; that was how it read.

    Stella Fregelius


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