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  • adj. Not consoled.


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  • Like any field in or outside of the arts, the parallel universes of writing and publishing spin off, it seems, more than their fair share of alpha privatives, like so many unconsoled planets.

    Zoo Press: A Post-Mortem : Rigoberto González : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • I suppose I should be thankful he was heeding my PSA and not actually driving while using his cellphone, but strangely I was unconsoled.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • One learns to look to written poetry only for kinds of lyric expression that are rare in popular cultureinvolving absolute negative capability, for instance, and an unconsoled engagement with human mortality.

    How to Save 'Tintern Abbey' from New-Critical Pedagogy (in Three Minutes Fifty-Six Seconds)

  • Perhaps the sight of me caused her a certain irritation (held in suspense so long as she saw that I was miserable, unconsoled) because I had had relations with Albertine and she envied me, perhaps — supposing that I considered myself on that account more highly favoured than her — an advantage which she herself had never, perhaps, obtained, nor even sought.

    The Sweet Cheat Gone

  • Alyosha repeated unconsoled, hiding his face in his hands in an agony of remorse for his indiscretion.

    The Brothers Karamazov

  • Becky had clung wordlessly to her neck, unconsoled even by the promise of presents.

    Slightly Married

  • He then crossed himself and returned to the treasure - filled tent, where he suddenly burst into tears and remained unconsoled while Lukasz and Piotr plotted how they might get their three wagons home.


  • He was in no mood for his own work and by eleven he wandered unconsoled and purposeless towards the blackened ruins of the burned-out shed.

    Cargo of Eagles

  • And, indeed, would they not have been greatly wronged, had they been allowed to die unconsoled, after they had rent Heaven with their prayers and lamentations?

    In Those Days The Story of an Old Man

  • The malign influences appeased, the average Chinese goes his way untroubled or unconsoled by any thought concerning that which is to come, or at most he strives to acquire merit, not for a week only, but for the whole year, by some pilgrimage much more strenuous than church-going.

    A Wayfarer in China Impressions of a trip across West China and Mongolia


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