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  • adj. Not consulted.


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un- +‎ consulted


  • The benefits of this are obvious, but the downside is that a scholar can rarely justify their work on the basis of making a new discovery of previously unconsulted sources.

    From Heads of Household to Heads of State: The Preaccession Households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516-1558

  • BBC misrepresenting the political views of the unconsulted British people again: "UK 'backs Blair for EU president'"


  • Unless the new president sends a firm countermessage in the next few weeks, tens of thousands of Haitians will take him up on his asylum offer, inundating his first days in office, enabling Henry, Jeane, Zbig and other unconsulted foreign-policy bishops to hold a furious "I told you he was an amateur" cluckathon.

    When Everyone's An Amateur

  • No wonder, according to one estimate, doctors waste $50 billion to $100 billion on "defensive medicine" to prove that they left no stone unturned, no test untried, no medication unprescribed, no specialist unconsulted.

    Civil Wars

  • Hostages from the ordinary world held unawares, they watch or pass by, as near and far from the action as a criminal's unconsulted conscience.

    Day into Noir

  • He has never spoken to Eleanor about her lover; he is the last man in the world to allude to such a subject unconsulted, even with his own daughter; and had he considered that he had ground to disapprove of Bold, he would have removed her, or forbidden him his house; but he saw no such ground.

    The Warden

  • For a loaded moment, the emotions linking the two couples crackle in the stuffy room among the unconsulted computers.

    Hound in the Left-hand Corner, The

  • The Cheltenham committee was given little time more to remain unconsulted.


  • There were still far more then half unconsulted, most of whom I'd never heard of.

    Come To Grief

  • The establishment of high interest rates in an irresponsible and unconsulted way by the United States, seeking selfish national economic objectives, directly affected the Third World, whose external debt servicing reached by late 1982 the impressive figure of some $131 billion.



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