uncontrolledly love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Without control or restraint; without effectual opposition.


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  • Perhaps this is strictly my own usage, but I think of careering as “moving swiftly and effectively”, and careening as “moving fast and uncontrolledly”.

    The meaning of “careening” « Motivated Grammar

  • There were two reasonable semantic jumps, first from “turning on one side” to “tilting from side to side” (2b), and only from there to “moving quickly and unsteadily/uncontrolledly”.

    The meaning of “careening” « Motivated Grammar

  • You intend careen to mean and I quote – “moving fast and uncontrolledly” and say career in the OED means “to gallop, run, or move at full speed.”

    The meaning of “careening” « Motivated Grammar

  • The nanobots might replicate uncontrolledly, eating everything in sight, becoming an ever-expanding “gray goo” that takes over the universe.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • So long as patient utilization of services rises uncontrolledly the cost very quickly soars past saving.

    Why Medicare in Ontario?

  • Rose came to her senses a moment later, and, trembling and sobbing uncontrolledly, stumbled through the darkness to the woodpile, and sat down on it.

    'Smiles' A Rose of the Cumberlands

  • One of the boys laughs uncontrolledly and then there is an embarrassing silence.

    The Menorah Journal, Volume 1, 1915

  • He was a fat, roly-poly, soft-boned, ingratiating puppy, with a tail that waved energetically but uncontrolledly.

    The Gray Dawn

  • Mrs. Fenner stood at the head of the bed wringing her hands and moaning uncontrolledly, and Cherry, little Cherry, lay whitely against the pillow, the color all gone from her ghastly pretty little face, that had lately hid its ravished health and beauty behind a camouflage of paint.

    The City of Fire

  • This at any rate was what White had always done in his novels hitherto, and what he would certainly have done at this point had he had the telling of Benham's story uncontrolledly in his hands.

    The Research Magnificent


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