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  • adj. Not costed


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un- +‎ costed


  • But in a letter to the Observer, police authority chiefs voice outright hostility to the measures, saying they are "uncosted", "driven by dogma" and "undermined by absence of debate".

    Police leaders attack government plans for sweeping reform

  • The thing I don't understand is that the government still seems to be able to get away with this sort of behaviour and still claims that opposition proposals are "uncosted" and align them directly with how many schools or hospitals will "have to close".

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Isn't it a little ironic that the anti-Libs used the 'uncosted' excuse to vote no in their Exec meeting.

    The cost of change

  • Mr Clegg also ripped apart Tory tax and spend plans, insisting they are 'uncosted' and would mean 'nasty' cuts elsewhere.

    Home | Mail Online

  • Details of the calculations, which total £53 million for six schemes, were released under Freedom of Information legislation to the Liberal Democrats who said they exposed "uncosted" promises.


  • He makes up policy on the fly, much of it while presenting his weekly propaganda show, and then when his harebrained schemes inevitably fail due to being unresearched, uncosted and often plain stupid, he publicly humiliates and relentlessly excoriates his ministry of yes-men to ostensibly deflect the blame, even though everyone knows it's his fault anyway.

    Venezuela bans violent video games: a first-person guest essay - Boing Boing

  • At a time when the Tories are already committed to cutting frontline spending on schools, their uncosted and expensive experiment would create thousands of extra surplus places and inevitably mean big cuts to existing schools as their smaller education budget is spread more thinly.

    Exam result shock: Balls fails

  • In an ad in Roll Call aimed at Congress, the coal producer makes the claim that coal-fired power plants, even when equipped with as-yet unproven and therefore uncosted capture-and-sequestration technology, will be 15-50 percent cheaper than wind, 28 percent cheaper than natural gas, and 15 percent cheaper than nuclear.

    Carl Pope: They Are Trying to Steal Your Future

  • “Gordon Brown's bid to save his beleaguered premiership and stay in power beyond 2010 was rubbished by opposition parties as an uncosted ragbag of "rehashed initiatives".”

    Bottler Brown bottles again. No election this year

  • The response of the Labour Party has been unsurprisingly to scream about how this is uncosted and I heard Yvette Cooper describe it as "economic madness".

    Cameron's Tax Cut - Good Move


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