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  • adj. That cannot be cracked; unbreakable.


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  • BD+ has been held out as some kind of uncrackable answer to the DRM wars, and was cited by many pundits for BluRay's victory over HD-DVD in the recent format wars.

    Boing Boing

  • [92] Israeli scientist says he has developed 'uncrackable' code

    Hack In The Box

  • DET's "uncrackable" filters will also be applied to the netbooks.

  • Rootkit CD fiasco [wikipedia. org], or the fact that they sold their Blu-ray format largely on the basis of its not one, but * two*, different "uncrackable"

  • Entanglement is at the heart of today's uncrackable quantum encryption; it makes the "teleporting" of particles over distances of several miles feasible; and entanglement may soon be employed in the production of quantum computers that will make the best contemporary computer look like an abacus.

    Merry-Prankster Physicists

  • Others, however, caution that it would be easy for a militant group to set up a front corporation, which could then establish its own uncrackable BlackBerry corporate e-mail, considered by many to be the gold standard for data security.

    Indian Officials Meet To Decide BlackBerry Ban

  • He bangs at the window in his room to get to her, and has managed to crack the supposedly uncrackable shield armor.

    Ecstasy in Darkness

  • It's the P, for Press, that had made it such an uncrackable code all that time.

    Hanging on the Colophon

  • Will it rain on your parade if I remind you that depends on DRM, and it's impossible to make an uncrackable DRM barring something like Trusted Computing, which it's already been proven nobody would go for given that your recipient is also your attacker?

    Making Light: The "agency model" as I understand it

  • That list is pretty much uncrackable — and it only gets bigger and stronger from hereon out.

    The Best Christmas Present Ever: Senator DeMint Objects to the Appointment of the Conferees - Dan_Perrin’s blog - RedState


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