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  • adj. Not having been credited, as on a ledger: an uncredited deposit.
  • adj. Not having been accorded due recognition: an uncredited discovery.

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  • adj. Unacknowledged.
  • adj. Not believed.
  • adj. Not appearing in the credits.


un- +‎ credited (Wiktionary)


  • Rich, that is to say independent; unmarried, that is to say unattached; free to come and go, he stood high up in that great army of the czar's, which I call the uncredited diplomatic corps, because the phrase "secret service" always puts into my mind a picture of the wild-eyed, bearded anarchist, whom I most heartily detest.

    Man on the Box

  • According to IMDB, Moore "chose to remain uncredited for her role."

    Eagle Eye review

  • This "uncredited" role has turned into something quite unexpected.

    The Tail Section » TheTailsection Talks to Dr. Marvin Candle

  • Well, if you don't count her "uncredited" appearance in

  • Do you have any idea why when you type in the names of certain comics professionals such as John Calnan, Ramona Fradon, Milt Snappin, etc. and click save page they show up on the template as 'uncredited'?

    DC Database - Recent changes [en]

  • Do you have any idea why people like Ramona Fradon, John Calnan and others show as "uncredited" when you click save page?

    DC Database - Recent changes [en]

  • I've seen John Calnan's name on other pages, so "uncredited" is not generated every single time.

    DC Database - Recent changes [en]

  • All but one, are listed as being uncredited, meaning they'll probably just be background people.

    Comic Book Movie

  • For whatever reason, I guess they couldn’t come to an agreement about my billing, so we decided to go "uncredited".

    The Tail Section » TheTailsection Talks to Dr. Marvin Candle

  • On opening night, an uncredited Renee Redding Jones, who was an original member of Evidence, appeared almost spectrally in white among the black-clad cast (stylishly costumed by Omotayo Wunmi Olaiya) at the end of "Lessons: Exotica/To Harm the Dangerous" (1995), joining the group like a calming ancestral presence.

    Earthly Figures in the Clouds


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